Sunday, November 27, 2016

Emptying My Pockets

Excerpt from my diary dated September 8th, 2016

Late in the hour, I emptied my coat pockets as one does at day's end with the tea stained cups bought and brought from other people's garages or gained from the free box when rain extinguished the sale, only the cups of my pockets are still wet with the wave. I pulled from them teeth and petrified bone. Each curled in my hand asking I name the shape they once were and the creature they had help compose. 

I thought of Lynn Pederson and the liquid beauty of her book of prose, "The Nomenclature of Small Things," and chanted her captured phrase which I have noted below:

"Perhaps it's a romantic notion - confinement and discovery." 
- Isaac Newton Waits Out The Plague.

Life at the Arctic, absent the plague.

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